Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events

Every season in Antwerp provides us with a reason to have a party. We’re not only thinking of a summer BBQ, but also of a winter feast with pizza or an autumn walk at the arboretum. Antwerp has some beautiful parks in and around the city. They even provide free BBQ equipment at certain locations. APC loves to organise parties and events in these parks so you get to know them as well. Although we have a few favourite places, we try to move these parties around so we can show you all the green space Antwerp has to offer. Some of the events we like to organise are:

  • Summer BBQ
  • Spring Picnic
  • Autumn walk
  • Winter feast

These are the big parties, but we also like to meet up at special locations when the city is hosting events themselves. What about having drinks on Saturday at the Zomer van Antwerpen (Summer of Antwerp) Summer bar? Breakfast at Park Spoor Noord on Wednesdays.

We really try and organise something for everyone.

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